January 15, 2024

After Destiny Udogie of Tottenham Hotspur brilliantly challenged Alejandro Garnacho during the first half of the team’s match against Manchester United, Clinton Morrison was all praise for the defender.


The first half at Old Trafford proved those who had said we knew what to anticipate from Ange Postecoglou’s team to be absolutely correct. Tottenham occasionally appeared weak at the back while playing some excellent football. Furthermore, their full-backs had no qualms about pushing up.


In the first half, Alejandro Garnacho must have felt that he was going to get away from Destiny Udogie. After dodging one tackle from the Italian, the winger made his way toward the penalty area.


defender Destiny Udogie of Tottenham is praised by Clinton Morrison.

But Udogie created a slippery obstacle by taking a significant chance. Naturally, fans of the wild matchup with Chelsea in November are aware that the 21-year-old’s risks don’t always pay off. However, this one on Garnacho was flawless.


Additionally, Clinton Morrison said on BBC Radio Five Live that the Tottenham young player’s defense was impressive.


“This season, in my opinion, he has been the best left-back in the Premier League.” His recovery is absurd, even when Garnacho gets within half a yard of him there. What a player he is by the way. It’s the constant energy,” he remarked.


A brilliant addition to the Spurs roster

It’s not only Morrison who thinks Udogie has been the Premier League’s top left-back this year. In the elite, he has been a revelation.



Ange Postecoglou’s team does take those chances when they are moving forward, so his one-on-one defense needs to be exceptionally strong.


This season, Garnacho has been a bright spot for Manchester United. And over the first forty-five minutes, that struggle was among the most fascinating, with Erik ten Hag’s team leading by a tiny margin at the half.


Considering Udogie’s age, the level he has already reached is unsettling. And you have to credit Tottenham’s recruitment team for acquiring him for under £15 million.


That is a true steal in the current game.

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