January 15, 2024

Ashley Williams believes that Eric Dier’s decision to join Bayern Munich over Tottenham Hotspur was only influenced by his “mate,” Harry Kane.


The former Wales international believes that Eric Dier has “no place” at Bayern Munich and that his entrance in January was done to please his captain of England.


Harry Kane joined the Bundesliga’s biggest clubs in the summer after leaving Tottenham Hotspur. Given that he is looking for titles and has had an incredible start at his new club, many people weren’t surprised by his decision.


Nevertheless, Eric Dier, who has found it difficult to get playing time under Ange Postecoglou at Spurs this season and has even been relegated to a supporting role behind fullbacks, is now a member of one of the biggest teams in the world.


Ashley Williams, who is paid £85k a week, said to Vibe with Five that the 29-year-old will have to pinch himself because he will only play in domestic cup events.


Bayern Munich will have competition this season to win the Bundesliga since Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen team is playing crazy.


Eric Dier has been thrown into the deep end, so to speak, especially considering that they are among the favorites to win the Champions League.


Eric Dier works for Bayern Munich.

Williams explained Dier’s Bayern affiliation with, “His mate is there.” That’s the simple response to that.


They are close to one other, and he (Kane) presumably prefers one (a mate). Just now, he said, “Bring my mate.” And everything is “alright” now. It’s that simple.


“Everyone at Bayern Munich has left. We require a center-half scouting system.” Who is operating it? Eric Dier, huh? Eric has no position in Bayern’s defense.


“I have a good feeling that Harry Kane and Eric Dier are good friends, and he will play a few games, no more, no fewer. He’ll perform in their rendition of the Carabao. That is all. Completed!


But what a clever move! Without buddies, I could never pull off that move.


FC Bayern München Unveils New Acquirist Eric Dier during a news conference


Former Tottenham players taking home awards in Germany

Under Mauricio Pochettino’s leadership, Kane and Dier were both a part of an unbelievable Spurs team for many years.


They had it all, front to back. They struck some extremely lucrative business deals, and they were fascinating to watch.


But trophies were the one thing they were missing. They can now put everything to rest.


There’s never been a finer opportunity for Kane and Dier to raise the trophy because, in all honesty, if you’re not going to do it in Munich, you probably never will.



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