February 8, 2024

“Limping horribly”: In extra time, Colin Fray noticed something very concerning about a Forest star.


Last night, Morgan Gibbs-White may have suffered an injury that could be detrimental to Nottingham Forest.


During the game last night’s overtime, Colin Fray noticed something in the 24-year-old.


What then was said about Gibbs-White in the last moments of the competition? Let’s investigate more closely.


Colin Fray’s observations regarding Morgan Gibbs-White

Well, last night, most things that might go wrong did. Extra time? Verify. An important player hurt? Perhaps…


Although Gibbs-White’s injury wasn’t ideal, he was able to continue playing for a little period throughout the match.


Gibbs-White Forest


Towards the end of the first half of the extra session, Fray observed something about Gibbs-White when he appeared to put his foot down on the ground.


During the break, the commentator on Radio Nottingham said that Gibbs-White was “limping horribly” and was having a lengthy talk with Espirito Santo.


Gibbs-White must be fired and fit for Forest.

Gibbs-White missing any of the final Forest games would be extremely problematic.


He is essential to the Reds as a talisman, so hopefully this is just a small setback.


Gibbs-White continued, however it’s a bit of a mystery why Forest didn’t have any other substitutes.


With any luck, this won’t be too bad, and hopefully Espirito Santo will be able to provide Forest with an encouraging news soon.


It must be acknowledged that Forest wasn’t at their best against a Championship team tonight.


But this was always going to be a momentous night for Bristol City, with Manchester United as the spoils.


In a perfect world, Gibbs-White probably wouldn’t have participated. But in the shootout, he did come up and score his penalty.


But, there weren’t many options available due to the absence of Gio Reyna and Rodrigo Ribeiro, so Forest had to settle for a squad they thought could win.


Forest must now wait anxiously for Gibbs-White.

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