March 28, 2024

That’s what Glen Jennings, his manager, says. Tszyu is getting ready to face Fundora in PBC’s inaugural pay-per-view event on Amazon Prime Video on March 30. Keith Thurman was supposed to battle the champion. However, One Time pulled out of the battle due to a bicep injury sustained during training. There are now two titles up for grabs.


In addition to Tszyu defending his WBO title, there will be a contest for the vacant WBC Junior Middleweight Title. The WBO recently mandated that Terence Crawford be the next opponent for the winner of Tsyzu vs. Fundora. Since Bud is progressing up in weight, he is required to compete for the WBO Super Welterweight Championship.


In addition to becoming the undisputed world champion in two divisions, Terence Crawford is a three-division WBO world champion. As a result, he was granted the rights and advantages that came with being the WBO Super Champion. And so to be clear, this kind of position is a classification rather than a title. Crawford is thus the one and only Welterweight Champion recognized by the WBO.


“We will permit Crawford to enter the ring and compete as the WBO welterweight champion against the winner of Tszyu vs. Fundora based on his merits as a three-division WBO World Champion and two-division undisputed champion,” WBC President Paco Valcarcel declared.


Spence vs. Tszyu

However, Jennings stated that his boxer might withdraw in order to spar with Spence. Given that a fight with Spence will net Tszyu a larger payout than Bud, such remarks make sense. In the US, Spence has a far larger following. Additionally, it will appear prominently on Tszyu’s resume, and a bout with him might be lot simpler than one with Crawford.


Whether Spence is the same after being stopped by Crawford in the ninth round is up for debate. Since Crawford is a counterpuncher and Spence and Tszyu are front-foot fighters, the fight will also be simpler to market.


Nevertheless, one must proceed cautiously when interpreting those remarks. Prior to this, Jennings had stated that if they won, they would start negotiations with Crawford right away. Using Spence’s name could help you negotiate better terms with Crawford.


“After that fight, as soon as things are official, we’ll get right into talks to see what we can work out. Tim will, of course, also be required to have a WBC, which slightly complicates matters. However, it goes without saying that the boxing world pays attention when Crawford enters the picture, according to Jennings.


Fundora vs. Tszyu

Prior to anything being taken into account, Tszyu needs to defeat Fundora. The six-foot-five southpaw who opposes him has a 20-1-1 record. In his most recent fight, Fundora lost to Brian Mendoza for the first time. Mendoza has already been defeated by Tszyu, but it’s crucial to remember that Fundora was winning the fight long before Mendoza caught up to him. Tszyu is aware that he is up against a formidable opponent, though, as he accepted the bout with less than two weeks’ notice. However, the combatant supported himself to deliver a strong showing.


“I never back down from that. I have no fear of anyone. Whatever they put in front of me, tall guy, two weeks, twelve days—I would go into any combat. All I have to do is shift, adjust, and take command. Hopefully, I can pull a Mike Tyson on him because he accomplished a lot in his peak, Tszyu said.


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