March 28, 2024

Promoter of Alexander Usyk, Alex Krassyuk, is unsure if the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will take place.


Since a deal was reached, the undisputed heavyweight match has been postponed multiple times. The fight was scheduled for December of last year. However, Fury’s hard-fought victory over Francis Ngannou forced a rescheduling for February 17. Prior to the bout, Fury assured his supporters that it will take place and threatened to sue Usyk if he withdrew.


The Gyspy King, however, withdrew and then did the same thing for the new date. Due to the WBC Heavyweight Champion’s large cut sustained during sparring, which required numerous stitches, the match was rescheduled for May 18. In response, Turki Alalshikh said that if a fighter withdrew, they would each be penalized $10 million. However, Krassyuk remained doubtful that the battle would proceed.


Usyk vs. Fury

“I cannot guarantee that the first combat will ever occur. Tyler Fury has already withdrew four times in a row. We have even made the decision to cease making jokes and criticizing Luke [Fury] in order to boost his self-esteem. Thus, we are prepared to assist him in entering the ring with Usyk if there is anything more we can do,” Krassyuk stated.


The following considerations must be made when reading their remarks. Fury has a track record of backing out of fights without offering Wladimir Klitschko another chance. There was supposed to be a rematch, but Fury got hurt and had to retire. Because supporters were never given the opportunity to witness a rerun, the boxer would experience mental health problems.


James Ali Bashir, Usyk’s previous coach, is also worried that the bout won’t take place. Ali made remarks on the possibility of Fury’s cut opening up. He said it was more likely to happen in June or July and that the cut needed more time to heal. Usyk will undoubtedly aim for Fury’s eye, and Fury’s training might be restricted to body sparring in order to keep the area safe.


The Former Coach of Usyk

“Tyson is known for being a boisterous individual. He frequently spars without wearing a helmet, and in a fight that size, you can’t take such chances. I’m not sure if he had his headgear off, but the location of the incision appears somewhat strange. Disregard for his career, disregard for his fans—it was probably the result of his recklessness.


“May, that is rushing it and cutting it short.” That cut might reopen if they move in May, as I can see. To be sure, I would reschedule the fight for June or July. As a boxing trainer, I would personally push it back. The better the cut will heal, the longer he gives it time, but I’m not sure about May,” Bashir remarked.


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