March 28, 2024

The English businessman hasn’t been in the Tottenham boardroom in twenty years, yet the team has improved when he was in charge.


The fact that Tottenham has, for the most part, been a Champions League regular for more than ten years—the only drawback being the lack of trophies—is something that supporters cannot dispute.


From Harry Kane, the club record goalscorer, to legend Gareth Bale. Although some of the greatest players in the world have worn the club’s colors, they have never been able to cross the finish line.


Even with trophy-winning managers like Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho in the dugout, they have collapsed.


Daniel Levy has frequently taken the brunt of criticism for everything, whether he chooses to spend astronomical sums of money on Tanguy Ndombele or nothing at all on special occasions.


Gary Neville has consistently supported Levy; in fact, the legendary Manchester United player once referred to him as “the best operator in football.”


He isn’t changing his mind, though, as you can imagine that many of Spurs’ followers disagree with that given the team’s lack of trophy success.


According to Neville, who spoke with the Overlap, those at Hotspur Way have “developed the stadium and the training ground” better than anyone else, save Manchester City.


However, he conceded that things haven’t been clicking or functioning the way supporters would have liked on the field.



The stadium and training complex of Tottenham

“I think he [Levy] is the best operator in football,” Neville stated a few years ago, prompting criticism at the time.


“If you consider his actions off the field. Nobody has improved their stadium and training facility the way Tottenham has, with the exception of Manchester City and their limitless resources. Nobody. He has done things that are astounding.


The issue is that, when it comes to football, he has never been correct. On that side of it, he’s always tried to maintain strict control. There’s a potential they may challenge for the league if he lets that go, which he probably won’t since he’s shown he won’t, and are permitted to loosen the restrictions. However, I doubt he’ll ever accomplish it.


Daniel Levy overseeing Ange Postecoglou

It’s safe to assume that the new guy in the dugout is giving the fans optimism, unlike the past managers.


Ange Postecoglou has managed to infuse the team with new vigor and optimism despite Harry Kane’s departure a few days ahead of the start of the season.


From his weekly interactions with the media to the team’s fearless, tough, and expansive style of play.


This is a man who embodies everything that makes Tottenham great, and the supporters are all behind him.

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