March 28, 2024

After another trophy-free season, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and even Harry Kane left Spurs in pursuit of more honors. As a result, there may be some concern over other departures this summer.


While there are certainly several Tottenham players who, with all due respect, arguably ought to be playing at a higher level, Fabrizio Romano claims that one important Spurs player is really content with the team’s current situation in an interview with The Spurs Chat Podcast.


Premier League match: Tottenham Hotspur against Liverpool FC


Important A pleased Tottenham player could soon sign a new contract.

Romano discussed Heung-Min Son’s contract status and how he feels about Tottenham.


“Not just yet. I’m not aware of anything urgent right now, but the circumstances are comparable to those of Ange Postecoglou. They are not in a rush because their relationship is great. He is really pleased with Tottenham’s current situation, Romano remarked.



The good news is that Son can see that the team is headed in the right path under the management of a qualified individual with strong ties to the team. Given that Son is able to observe the project and its progress, I believe this to be the finest news imaginable.


“The relationship between his agents and the club is excellent, so I don’t think the contract will be a problem.”


Heung-Min Son is very significant.

As Romano points out, this might be the best news Tottenham could have right now.


The £22 million player is possibly Tottenham’s finest player right now, so it’s important that he’s at ease and content at Spurs.


Son has been Tottenham’s lone constant during the team’s much too frequent departures and arrivals of important players in recent years, and it appears that this trend will continue for some time to come.


Son is a terrific talent, and it appears that Tottenham will retain him for a considerable amount of time.

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