April 8, 2024

Jon Rahm, the reigning Masters winner, is not the only LIV Golf rebel competing this weekend; he is returning to the Masters without being a member of the PGA Tour.


John A. Rahm

John Rahm sporting his golf cap, the Legion XIII LIV.

On Monday, Jon Rahm arrived at Augusta National sporting his Legion XIII cap, which prominently featured the LIV Golf emblem on the side.


The Spaniard blasted irons on the range and played a few practice holes with the two logos in full view, obviously not scared to annoy any PGA Tour spectators. None of the players for LIV Golf wore clothing bearing the official insignia of the company during the Masters last year.


Nonetheless, Phil Mickelson did sport a cap and jersey with the HyFlyers insignia of his team prominently displayed. Following a meeting before the 2023 competition, the LIV rebels decided to remove their logo from their clothing and luggage out of respect.


Even last year’s Open champion Cameron Smith joked about packing an extra set of clothes for Georgia. “I have another set of clothes made up this week without them [the team logos],” he stated. Regarding the logos, Augusta National hasn’t actually said anything to us. Personally, I’m incredibly proud of my situation and my work. I’ll wear it unless it causes trouble for these folks.”


But this year, that is not the case. In addition to Rahm, Bryson DeChambeau was also seen at the driving range with a Crushers golf bag and wearing his team’s cap.


Mickelson wore his HyFlyers cap during practice on Monday, as is customary. Conversely, Nike and TaylorMade hats were worn by Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson.


Jon Rahm’s hat has the LIV Golf emblem prominently displayed on the side.

This is LIV’s most audacious performance at the Masters to date, and it represents the path the company has taken since its founding and the contentious merger. The PGA Tour was particularly harmed by Rahm’s transfer to LIV, given that the organization celebrated his victory at the Masters last year.


Rahm has acknowledged that the merger negotiations between the two organizations may have advanced as a result of his departure; a meeting was held in the Bahamas lately. Chief PGA Officer Jay Monahan called the discussions “constructive,” but he didn’t provide much context.


Both Jon Rahm and Bryson DeChambeau.

Both Jon Rahm and Bryson DeChambeau were dressed in LIV Golf apparel.


On the effect of his departure, though, Rahm stated to BBC Sport: That is a carefully considered argument. In that sense, I might be the beginning of a tipping point,” Rahm remarked. “I was aware of the potential consequences and weight of [my] choice. That was something I fully understood, which is why choosing wasn’t simple.


“There might be some slight unrest in the equilibrium of golf. Luckily, I’ve done a lot in my profession and been well-known in the golf world, particularly in the past year. Few active players could have had a greater influence than me in that regard. I was aware of the situation I was in, not to give myself too much credit.”

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