April 8, 2024

It appears that Aston Villa has been searching Portugal for some potential as they get ready for the summer transfer window.


A article in today’s Newspaper Record claims that the Villans were among the teams sending representatives to the league match between Vitória Guimarães and Porto.


The report does not provide particular targets for Aston Villa, as they were only one of many clubs represented in the tournament.


Nevertheless, it makes sense that they send scouts for this particular match, which Vitória won 2-1, for a few reasons.


One of them is that Porto’s team appears to be of special interest to Aston Villa. We say so because we have witnessed them scouting the Dragons in person twice in the last few weeks, and they still have a representative keeping a close eye on things.

Attending this game is also important because Vitória Guimarães and the English club share certain shareholders, which may help them pursue certain players.


If so, Jota Silva, who was named man of the match on Sunday after putting on an excellent display, is someone to watch.


He’s been getting a lot of attention lately, has been referred to as his club’s “hero” numerous times, and recently earned his debut for Portugal’s national team.


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