December 19, 2023

Gabriel Agbonlahor has recently acknowledged that there is one Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur player that has been especially annoying him lately.

Ever since he traded in his playing shoes for a pundit role, Agbonlahor has never been afraid to voice his opinions.

And Agbonahor mentioned a player from both Tottenham and United among others when asked to name the two Premier League players he liked least.

“There are two players in the Premier League who are probably the two players who I least like in the Premier League,” Agbonlahor remarked in a talkSPORT interview.

“Let me guess who the other one is, he plays for Spurs,” Darrent Bent retorted.

Agbonlahor: “Nah. Fernandes, Bruno. That’s Richarlison up there.

“However, Neal Maupay is also quite gregarious and isn’t contributing enough on the field.

Like, Neal, who are you? After winning the World Cup, [Emiliano] Martinez most likely said, “I have won the World Cup, you can’t talk to me.”

Naturally, Richarlison and Bruno Fernandes may interpret these remarks as a complement since it’s obvious that they’re doing something well.


Bruno Fernandes of United and Richarlison of Tottenham are Gabriel Agbonlahor’s least favorite players.

One of Richarlison’s main strengths has always been his ability to push the boundaries of the game.

The Brazilian isn’t performing to his full potential if he is a shy, reserved player.

Perhaps there are even some ironic parallels between Richarlison’s and Agbonlahor’s approaches to the game.

Although each striker was a talisman in their own right, they might occasionally enrage the supporters of the opposing team.

Conversely, Bruno Fernandes—well, Agbonlahor might need to elaborate on that.

Although some people might not find Fernandes’ dramatic actions amusing, it would seem cruel to criticize him too harshly.

Nevertheless, neither the Tottenham nor the United players are as divisive as the other pair Agbonlahor highlighted.

Fans will always be drawn to Neal Maupay and Emiliano Martinez because of their intense personalities.

Football fans should respect these types of individuals because they frequently contribute to the game’s spectacular, turbulent, and intense nature.

It appears, nevertheless, that Tottenham might lose their flamboyant striker in January if the appropriate deal comes in.

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