January 13, 2024

This month, Tottenham Hotspur might use reinforcements in the midfield.


Although the North London club has an amazing roster, they now lack depth in the midfield due to the departures of Pape Sarr and Yves Bissouma for the African Cup of Nations, as well as the uncertainty surrounding Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s future.


The January transfer window is fortunately open for Tottenham, and the team seems to have decided who would be the ideal midfield addition this month.


In fact, Dean Jones stated on the Ranks FC Podcast that there’s a chance Spurs recruit a new midfield player this month, and he claims to have heard from the team that Conor Gallagher would be the ideal number eight.


Ambrose Darren Tottenham Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher


Gallagher is the ideal match

Jones discussed the 23-year-old based on what he has heard.


“I’ve been informed that they think Conor Gallagher would truly be the ideal number eight fit, so there’s definitely a chance of that happening,” Jones stated.



The notion of Gallagher playing under Ange Postecoglou for Tottenham is enticing.



Spurs believe Gallagher will be a great fit for them, and they are not entirely off base.


The midfielder is a terrific football player, and Postecoglou’s approach perfectly complements his strengths.


Gallagher is the definition of an all-action midfield player—he runs nonstop throughout every game, which is ideal for Postecoglou’s style of play.


It remains to be seen, of course, if this agreement turns out to be feasible.It won’t be simple for Spurs to push the Blues in this one, as there have been contradictory outcomes in recent weeks. Gallagher is a key player for Chelsea this season.


Jones’ remarks demonstrate how much Spurs value Gallagher as a player, and it wouldn’t be shocking if they keep pushing for this acquisition as the month comes to a close.

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