January 16, 2024

At this time last season, Tottenham’s club-record transfer Richarlison was being pounded from pillar to post.


Towards the end, despite Antonio Conte having brought in the 26-year-old from Everton, the two were not quite on the same page.


Richarlison only scored one Premier League goal while wearing Tottenham colors, which didn’t help, but things are completely different now.


According to Tim Sherwood, Richarlison now has “confidence” from Ange Postecoglou, and his departure from Harry Kane has also made him a bigger player.


The former Tottenham manager told Premier League Productions on January 14, 25 at 1:35 p.m., saying the Brazil international is a “complete nuisance” and that “all fans hate” him if he isn’t playing for your team.


Following his goal during Sunday’s 2-2 draw between Spurs and Manchester United, Richarlison now has six goals in his previous six games.


That represents a significant improvement for a guy who, a year ago, was unable to consistently strike the mark.


The shift in Richarlison’s shape

Regarding Richarlison’s turnaround, Sherwood remarked, “Confidence is everything for a player.” “If the manager also grants you confidence.


He almost considers himself to be up there with Son because there is no longer a Harry Kane. Yes, that is crucial in the thinking of a player, particularly in his thoughts. He has since made amends for what appeared to be personal issues. He is now very clear in his head. Like all of the Tottenham players, he appears to be having fun while playing.


plays the middle, something he also enjoys doing. Isn’t he a complete pain in the ass? If he is not on your team, he is one of those players whom all supporters detest.


But if you ask the Tottenham supporters. They suddenly adore this guy. You can be won over by him. He struggled a little at first. They remained with him. They were aware that he was making every effort, but now that he is enjoying his independence and wearing a smile, they are benefiting from it.


Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur

Ange Postecoglou’s playing methodology

Richarlison’s manager’s expectations are a major factor in why he is playing at the highest level of performance.


The team isn’t sitting in their form as it was last season. It’s turned inside out.


It is expected of the forward players to push up as high as they can, and there are more bodies in the final third. Fullbacks are also expected to play as number tens.


You would definitely anticipate this form to continue and for Richarlison to reach double figures this season since he also has more confidence and inventiveness surrounding him.


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