January 17, 2024

Tottenham defender Emerson Royal has been under heavy fire from Lianne Sanderson, who has encouraged the team to sell him.


Hugo Lloris and Eric Dier, two of the Spurs’ longest-serving players, recently said goodbye. Lianne Sanderson, a former English football player, advises the team to think about unloading another player.


She gave the Brazilian left-back a harsh evaluation, saying he had no business being in the Spurs team.


As stated by her on The Spurs Chat Podcast:


“I know Eric Dier has done a great job for the team, but you need to cut those kinds of individuals out of the lineup. Players like Emerson Royal, in my opinion, have no place in the Spurs roster. Yes, he doesn’t start many games, but those kinds of players can’t meet the criteria Spurs have set.


Emerson Royal was acquired by the North London team with a reported €25 million on the final day of the 2021 summer transfer window from La Liga powerhouse Barcelona. He and the team inked a five-year deal that expires in June 2026.


The Brazilian international has proven his value as a vital team member for Ange Postecoglou despite not having the greatest technical skill set, displaying adaptability in filling in at different backline positions when needed.


Since Pedro Porro took his spot as the starting right-back, he has seen less playing time, although he is still a respectable backup.

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