January 19, 2024

Fans may have reasonably expected the worse when Harry Kane made his official way to the Tottenham Hotspur exit.


In addition to having a very bad season overall, Spurs players were having personal setbacks, the club was playing terrible football, and supporters were demanding that the board be fired.


Tottenham was expected to tumble into the bottom half of the table with Harry Kane’s departure for Bayern Munich, but that hasn’t happened at all. In fact, it’s pushed Paul Merson to rethink his entire strategy.


According to Simon Jordan, who spoke with talkSPORT, the England captain was beginning to lose his edge even if he was still a vital member of the team.


Every single time, the conversation revolved on Harry Kane failing to win a trophy, how he must depart in order to do so, and how individual honors are more important than team honors.


Now that the 30-year-old is no longer involved and playing brilliantly for Bayern Munich, his former team is succeeding admirably as well.


Simon Jordan brought up the possibility that players didn’t “step forward” as much while Harry Kane was a member of the team, and that is still the case today.


After Harry Kane, life

Jordan remarked, “I always felt with Ange—you know I’ve always been an admirer of his—that he stepped into a vacuum that had so many upsides for him and Daniel (Levy).”


“After Kane, there was less anticipation. Someone was always going to be there to cover that void. Both drains and radiators are present. Kane was starting to wear thin. Not a heat source.


“The topic of conversation was ‘when is he leaving?'” And “how is he leading this team to every success it has on his own?”


“It implies that other participants may not always take the initiative as they could and should.”


TSG Hoffenheim vs. FC Bayern München – Bundesliga

Ange Postecoglou’s magic

Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham’s manager, is one person who truly deserves all the praise for the team’s comeback.


With a distinct style and character that has enthralled the fan base and a loaded roster of demands, the Treble winner at Celtic has arrived.


That’s a major factor in the Spurs’ rapid progress even without Kane.


Instead of whining about losing Kane, he should evaluate what he already has, make concrete improvements, add players who share his philosophy, and not give up easily when things don’t go as planned.

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