January 19, 2024

Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane has caused controversy with his unexpected evaluation of James Maddison, a standout for Tottenham.


The English midfielder is expected to play in the forthcoming match against Manchester City after recovering from his injury.


In the summer, Madison made a well-publicized transfer from Leicester City to Tottenham for a reported £40 million.


Maddison’s highly publicized summer transfer from Leicester City was completed by Spurs, who paid a £40 million transfer fee to acquire his talents.


With three goals and six assists in his first 11 Premier League appearances, the 27-year-old had an incredible start to his Tottenham career.


Sadly, Maddison’s outstanding run was cut short when he suffered an ankle injury against Chelsea in November, missing 11 games.


Roy Keane, though, doesn’t seem to be impressed with the player. In spite of the excitement around Maddison’s comeback, Keane voiced an opinion on the player’s talents that is different from the general consensus.


Speaking on Stick to Football podcast, Keane stated:


He is a good player, in my opinion. Not as excellent as what people are portraying. Though I think he’s a wonderful player, I don’t think he’s going to be as excellent as De Bruyne returning to them.


Says TBH:


Maddison has been one of the league’s top midfielders for a number of years, even though he may not yet be at Kevin de Bruyne’s level of skill.


His stats are astounding. In 203 games, he contributed 41 assists and 55 goals for Leicester City. He contributed 19 goals in 30 games last season, scoring 10 and setting up 9 in their worst league season that ended in relegation.


Whatever Keane may say, the English international is among the best in the league, and his return will undoubtedly raise Tottenham’s bar and improve their chances of placing in the top four.




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