January 20, 2024

We are pleased to have Dr. Daniel Plumley, an authority on football finance, as an exclusive columnist. He will provide his opinions on the most talked-about topics at Tottenham once a week.


Dan Plumley has maintained that the biggest risk facing Tottenham and other football clubs is the lack of laws surrounding the use of fan tokens and their monitoring.


The financial expert acknowledged that there is a chance of an incident inside stadiums when tokens are made available to all supporters, regardless of the team, and that additional control will be necessary if they do catch on.


It happens after football finance author Martin Calladine revealed that a rival fan purchased box seats for a Spurs game with the tokens and then impersonated fans on social media.




He exclusively told Tottenham News, “I think the bigger risk is the monitoring of it and the lack of regulatory framework around it.”


“There’s also the risk of who gets those tokens. You would think that you would just be interacting with supporters of your own team, but we know that’s not always the case, so there’s internet monitoring as well.


“I think the biggest danger is that if anything similar happens and there’s an incident in the stadium, then raises the possibility of a security or safety concern, which is a risk element related to bodily harm.




“I think it goes back to some of these underneath issues with these fan tokens that we’ve been mentioning all along. If they truly do catch on and become a regular feature in football, there will eventually need to be an examination of the regulations, the oversight, and the degree of control the clubs have over purchasing them.”


Plumley has also examined how Spurs have surpassed Manchester United in other Tottenham news.

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