February 2, 2024

Earlier today, journalist Rudy Galetti revealed that Alejo Véliz is close to leaving Tottenham Hotspur for Sevilla.


It was claimed the player was flying to Spain for the medical tests, and the clubs were still to complete the deal for his loan.


Galetti now brings a fresh update on the situation, claiming there’s growing confidence from the striker’s side regarding the move.


It’s said both he and his entourage are ‘quite optimistic’ that the transfer will take place, and the medicals are still to be done.

The report doesn’t explain why this situation is pending. It had first been claimed that Sevilla were waiting for the medicals before being sure, but that’s pretty much what all clubs do.


Tottenham are said to be negotiating a loan without an option to buy, and perhaps that’s what the La Liga side are pushing for, as that clause could represent a good opportunity to purchase the 20-year-old.


With not many hours until the end of the transfer window, and the player in Spain, it seems we should soon get to see the confirmation of this deal.

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