March 25, 2024

Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle has admitted that his two-and-a-half-year stint as manager of Spurs was the most disappointing time of his managerial career, claiming that the club was not set up to be successful at the time.


We have seen time and again that it does not always work out well for club legends when they return to their clubs as managers.


The likes of Frank Lampard, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Xavi Hernandez, have all struggled to have the expected impact at Chelsea, Man Utd and Barcelona respectively, and the same happened to Hoddle a couple of decades ago.


The attacking midfielder, who made 377 appearances for Tottenham as a player and is considered by many Spurs fans to be the greatest to have worn the Lilywhite shirt, was handed the managerial hotseat at White Hart Lane in 2001.


Glenn Hoddle

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Glenn Hoddle was disappointed by Tottenham stint

After a couple of disappointing seasons where Spurs were mired in midtable mediocrity, he eventually parted ways with the club, with the failed stint proving to be the start of the end of his coaching career.


Speaking about his time in charge of Tottenham, Hoddle has now said on Chris Cowlin’s YouTube channel: “It’s too long to go through but, very quickly, it should have been the place where I was the happiest in management and it wasn’t, I was the unhappiest. And that says it all, doesn’t it? As I wanted to do so much, so well for the club.



But the politics of the club was wrong, there wasn’t any finances there, the squad didn’t have the right depth. It was a very frustrating time for me it really was but you know, you move on. Looking back, it was probably the most disappointing and the saddest time for me as a manager.”


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We have often seen that great players do not make great managers as things come quite easy for them during their playing days and they expect too much out of the ones they are coaching.


Usually, the workman-like players, who are not blessed with amazing natural talent, are the ones who make good coaches as they are forced to improve their tactical accum in order to get the most out of their playing careers.

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