December 22, 2023

Since Adrià Giner Pedrosa has emerged, Sevilla regrets not accepting Aston Villa’s bids for defender Marcos Acuña during the summer transfer window. The Argentine is no longer needed.


AS, who now cover the Catalan, claims that Acuña has regrets because he has become the club’s left-back and has grown to become the owner of the position.


According to the publication, things might have gone differently in the summer if Sevilla’s management had known that Pedrosa would perform so well this season and that Acuña would need to spend so much time on the sidelines.


When it came to the player’s poor offer from Aston Villa, they most definitely would not have been so “defensive” and instead would have “packed him off to Birmingham” as soon as possible.


Put another way, they regret not selling Acuña when they had the chance because of Pedrosa’s ascent and the World Cup winner’s injury issues, which have made them regard him differently than they did in the past.


As Pedrosa now holds the post, their reluctance to sell him appears to have vanished entirely, and they would be happy to let him go.



That may present Aston Villa with their opportunity to finally land their target, but since Lucas Digne and Alex Moreno are both playing well at left-back for them, it’s possible that their desire to transfer has also waned.

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