January 13, 2024

Although they aren’t currently being considered as title contenders, Tottenham Hotspur maybe ought to be.


The North London team had a poor run of play towards the end of November, but we also have to remember that they had a fantastic start to the season and are currently only six points behind the league leaders.


It’s conceivable that Tottenham will re-enter the title race in the upcoming weeks, and Cilnton Morrison has been talking about how they can do so in his remarks on Premier League Productions.


Morrison believes that Spurs will have a strong chance of winning the championship if James Maddison returns from injury soon, but he still believes that Manchester City will win the league.


Premier League: Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Rob Newell/CameraSport photo via Getty Images

If Maddison returns soon, Spurs might win the league.

The analyst gave his assessment of the £40 million player and Spurs’ chances of winning the championship.


Morrison stated, “Tottenham top four this year.”


“A few weeks ago, you mentioned the title?” said the host.


Indeed, but Morrison added, “I think Man City are too strong, but if Maddison returns soon, we’ll have a great chance to win the league.”


Not inconceivable

It is not impossible for Tottenham to win the Premier League this year, despite what some people may think.


Yes, they now sit fifth in the league, but even with their current bad run of play, Arsenal and Manchester City are being touted as perennial contenders, and they are only one point behind them.


Spurs could reach new heights once more if Maddison returns and finds his form, and the addition of Radu Dragusin and Timo Werner in January will provide depth to the team.


Although Tottenham is by no means the favorite to win the league, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that they do it this year.


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