January 17, 2024

Winner of the Premier League wishes he had never joined Liverpool, but Tottenham or them were his options.


Joe Cole, the Premier League winner, expressed remorse over leaving Chelsea to join Liverpool.


In 2010, Cole moved from Chelsea to Liverpool. He has three Premier League winners’ medals to his name.


After joining the team from West Ham United, he played for seven seasons until leaving Stamford Bridge as a legend.


Before signing a contract with Liverpool, the attacking midfielder led the Blues to three Premier League victories.


His career at Chelsea was ending due to a string of injuries, which prompted the move to Anfield.


Cole was acquired by Liverpool over Tottenham, and he has since expressed remorse over the move.


He stated on The Obi One podcast, “I did my knee and that was probably the start of the end of my career because I was never the same player after that.”


Chelsea was correct, as far as business goes. When I returned, they halted contract negotiations to check on me.


“In October, I returned. Carlo Ancelotti had joined the team by then, and although I was performing well coming off the bench, it was difficult for me to go back into the starting lineup.


“In January, the boys traveled to the Africa Cup of Nations. I was confident that I would get to play frequently.


“I performed admirably for six, seven, or eight games straight before they said, ‘We can offer you this new deal,’ but it wasn’t at its previous level.


“It was more of a struggle with football since my ego got a little involved. My knee would blow out when I would play. I was really hurting.


“Even though we would win, I would be unable to train for three or four days afterward. I truly destroyed myself. That’s the way my body responded to it.


“A revelation struck me, and I realized that I would never be able to return to my previous level of play. I must go now.


“Because I didn’t want to finish my Chelsea career just sitting there on the injury table.”


Cole went on: “I couldn’t go to Spurs; I had to choose between Liverpool and Spurs because Arsenal withdrew.


“I lived in London, half of my friends are Spurs supporters, Harry Redknapp was the manager, and it would have made sense because they had a good team.” It was just not possible for me.


“But if I could have my time again, I would probably go abroad, somewhere hot, because playing in the heat actually helped my knee.”


Cole spent his time at Liverpool playing 42 games, scoring five goals, before going on loan to Lille.


He moved away from Merseyside to return to West Ham with mixed feelings.

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