March 28, 2024

Following his announcement of a six-year separation from longtime coach Goran Ivanisevic, a video showing Djokovic becoming enraged at his team during the Australian Open has been re-shared, suggesting that the writing may have been on the wall.


In addition to praising Ivanisevic for their six years of dating on the court, Djokovic also took to social media to announce the news, thanking him for being a close friend.


His breakup with Ivanisevic is noteworthy in and of itself since, despite a less than stellar season to begin the year, he managed to qualify for the Australian Open semifinals despite wrist injuries. The sole significant surprise was his loss to Luca Nardi, the world’s 123rd-ranked player at the time, at Indian Wells.


A video showing Djokovic yelling at his team and losing at the Australian Open indicates cracks earlier in the season. Now, ahead of the clay court season, he will make coaching changes.


Take a look at the video below.


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