March 28, 2024

The World No. 1 revealed his split with coach Goran Ivanisevic in an Instagram post. For six years, the former World No. 2 from Croatia played his part with diligence, assisting Djokovic in tying his record for Grand Slam victories.


Nobody anticipated Djokovic’s terrible start to the season. But now a new coach is needed for the Serb. Even at 36 and with more than 1000 tennis matches under his belt, he still seems to have room for development. Thus, these are five possible successors to the outgoing Ivanisevic.


Djokovic Unexpectedly Splits From Coach Ivanisevic


5. Federer Roger

Out of all the combinations on this list, this is the most ridiculous and definitely the least probable to occur. In a 2022 interview, Roger Federer stated that he would be open to teaching in the future, although he clarified that he would only be willing to impart his tennis skills to a young Swiss talent.


Early in their storied rivalry, Federer and Djokovic had a tense relationship; yet, as their careers progressed, they demonstrated their ability to work together in a team environment.


In 2018, they participated in a doubles match at the Laver Cup, and Djokovic accepted the invitation to offer the Swiss a fitting farewell at the same London event two years prior.


4. Viktor Troicki

Viktor Troicki and Djokovic were teammates in Serbia’s historic 2010 Davis Cup victory. The now-retired former world No. 12 and the 24-time Grand Slam winner are good friends.


As the current captain of the Davis Cup, Troicki has mentored Djokovic, who is just two years younger than him, in team events such as the ATP Cup.


However, since Hamad Medjedovic is presently training the new Serbian young player, any potential cooperation on tour may require the 38-year-old to leave his camp. Djokovic will exercise caution so as not to impede the progress of the Next-Gen champion.


3. The Boris Becker

Perhaps Novak Djokovic’s team could use a familiar voice. Alternatively, he may be searching for a part-time coach as opposed to a full-time one. His former coach Boris Becker is the only one whose name fits both descriptions.


Between 2014 and 2016, Djokovic received coaching from Becker, who enabled him to win six Grand Slams. A portion of Djokovic’s mental tenacity can be attributed to the legendary German who guided him through the mud ten years ago when he was having trouble adding to his Grand Slam record.


The 56-year-old would only go with Djokovic to a few ATP events if an agreement is reached because he is prohibited from entering some nations due to his criminal past. Given that the Serb isn’t playing many events right now in his career, Becker could be hired again.


2. Carlos Gomez-Herrera Gomez-Herrera was a modest player during his time as a professional. But a few seasons ago, he became Djokovic’s regular hitting partner and shot to stardom. Off the court, they have been close friends for more than ten years.


In recognition of their close relationship, the World No. 1 elevated Gomez-Herrera, also referred to as Charly in the camp, to the position of team manager, succeeding Djokovic’s previous business manager Edoardo Artaldi.


The long-term plans for Ivanisevic’s departure from the squad were not made clear in Djokovic’s Instagram post, which also included the Spaniard. This has given rise to rumors that he may be replacing the Croatian.


1. Zimonjic Nenad

A mainstay of Serbian tennis and a former No. 1 in doubles is Nenad Zimonjic. After he was seen watching Djokovic practice on clay in Belgrade, there are rumors that he is Djokovic’s new coach. Zimonjic would give Djokovic’s almost finished game an additional dimension.


He may give Djokovic’s net game and hand skills some confidence and knowledge as he is a seasoned doubles operator. Though there is a lot of conjecture right now, Djokovic probably has a name in mind. Releasing Ivanisevic without having a replacement coach in place would be nonsensical.

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