January 20, 2024

Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United player who is now a commentator, has acknowledged he was mistaken about Tottenham defender Pedro Porro.


After being harshly critical of the defense at first, he has since softened and come to appreciate the level of skill and assurance in the Spaniard’s play.


On the final day of the January transfer window of the previous year, Spurs paid £5 million to Sporting to acquire Porro on an initial loan. A commitment to purchase for £40 million in the upcoming summer was part of the agreement.


The 24-year-old’s Tottenham career did not get off to the best start after he lost 4-1 to Leicester City in his opening game.


Tim Sherwood, among other experts, expressed severe criticism for Porro’s unsteady start at Spurs, saying that he was “so bad it’s unbelievable.”


On the field, Porro, however, responded to the criticism and very quickly rose to the position of one of the team’s finest players, securing his spot as the starting right-back.


Additionally, Porro not only kept up his form from the previous campaign but also made considerable defensive improvements while playing for Ange Postecoglou.


He has been one of Spurs’ best players this season, racking up eight assists in 20 Premier League games, which is quite the accomplishment for a defender.


His outstanding performances have made his detractors reconsider their opinions of him. Tim Sherwood recently came clean and acknowledged that he was mistaken about Porro. Rio Ferdinand has now changed his mind about the player, becoming the most recent to do so.


During an interview for his YouTube series Vibe with Five, he stated:


How much the manager has improved Udogie and Porro. I was canning him last year, Porro. How did they manage to pay that amount for him? He was terrible the previous year.


“He is a new player, set up by a new management who joins the team. It’s not real. similar to a deal. Together, they are perhaps the Premier League’s two best fullbacks at the moment. Under pressed, Porro is spilling out all kinds of things.

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